Welcome! I'm Jennifer. I'm a lawyer and writer (under my own name and as a ghostwriter for others). When I was 25, I graduated law school and started working at a government agency specializing in workplace law. When I was 26, I left that stable paycheque to use my legal skills for good: at a legal aid clinic that represents low-income workers who have been wrongfully fired. I get to hold employers - from powerful corporations to smaller, illegal businesses - accountable for their actions. It's been the best decision of my career and I still work there today.

I originally started this blog to document my student loan repayment. I entered the working world with $50,000 of student loans on my shoulders and I had no idea how to go about paying them off. Once I realized that managing my money came down to my level of self-awareness, I began to explore the 'self-help' space. I found, though, that most of the advice involved placing rich people on pedestals as the holy grail of success, which is unhelpful at best and harmful at worst. To add my own contrarian thoughts to the mix, I started writing about things that were more in line with my definition of a good life: pragmatic minimalism, value-driven careers, effective daily routines, deliberate living, and progressive economics. Aside from this blog, my writing can be seen on The Financial Diet, Thought Catalog, and other online publications. So far, my writing has been read over 1.4+ million times.

If you want to get in touch, you can shoot me an email: jennifertaylorchan@gmail.com. I do not accept guest posts, sponsored posts, or collaborate with any companies. Also, although I am a practicing lawyer, please do not ask me for help on your legal matter. If you're looking for a practicing lawyer in Ontario, you can find one here.

If you want advice on writing, content strategy, or how to create inbound leads (marketing term, yuck), you can schedule a call with me.


All views expressed on this site are my own and do not (obviously) reflect the opinions of my employer. 

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I am also not a professional finance advisor, so please consult one for any financial advice. My opinions are molded by personal experiences (and probably some cognitive biases).

Lastly, although I am a lawyer, nothing on this site constitutes legal advice. I'm also not looking for clients. Seriously, please do not e-mail me for legal advice or ask if you can retain me for your case.

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